March 16, 2016

Today we are showing you how to wear our Studded Wrap a bracelet or as a necklace!  Versatile, stylish diffusing! Wear this unique piece as a bracelet one day, and a necklace the next! You will love the ease of wearing this piece as well; with a magnetic closure, there are no hooks or clasps to worry about. Simply wrap around your wrist or neck and the clasps will attract easily. 


Bracelet is made of brown and tan studded leather, brown beads, and a small silver plated diffuser locket. Place a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the organic leather included (comes with three small oval Diffuser Dots), and enjoy the aromatic benefits for days.

Diffuser Bracelet

What is your favorite way to wear this piece?  Do you prefer the Brown & Tan or the Black & Silver?  We want to hear from you! 

Diffuser Bracelet


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