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6 Essential Oil Blends You Need to Revitalize Your Homeschool (+ a Giveaway!)

November 01, 2020 2 Comments

This is a combined post between Sara from Homeschool Style Co. and us here at Drops of Joy Jewelry.  We are her favorite company for essential oil jewelry (if you didn’t know that was a thing, you’ll want to check out the website for all sorts of fun aromatherapy necklaces and other goodies like essential oil car diffusers).

Homeschool Shirt and Essential Oil Jewelry
This post contains affiliate links for some products I love. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

We love running our diffuser in our home, but I also love the convenience of wearing my diffuser necklaces and bracelets while we homeschool. Drops of Joy Jewelry even has great options for kids. Go check them out when you have a chance, enjoy the article below, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

What an interesting year 2020 has been, right? Most of us have found some sort of shift in our lives (or more than one!), doing something we either had avoided before or something we never expected to be doing. And, who is with me in feeling just a little bit overwhelmed (okay, maybe a lot most days)?

A major step that many families now have taken is in the direction of homeschooling. Therefore, these families always find their precious, perfectly-behaving children all sitting around the homeschooling table quietly for hours on end only working on their exact tasks to perfection; the laundry folds itself and dinner is always made perfectly and on-time.

<<insert a shaking head>>

Homeschool Essential Oil Blends

Maybe the “children present” part is correct, but we all know the details are much different than the paradise story we might see in heaven! The noise levels, the stress levels, and the attention levels very easily jump way out of proportion more times than we can count.

Our children are blessings beyond measure – by far – but oftentimes we need some extra helps keeping them on track, keeping ourselves on track, and keeping life on track!

Single Essential Oils for Your Homeschool

Here is a quick reference guide of essential oils that you can easily use in your homeschool, either with a diffuser or a piece of aromatherapy jewelry. We all know that each day has it’s own mix of emotions; using essential oils can absolutely support us (and our kids!) in the daily grind of life by boosting mood and focus, or promoting calmness.

Lavender – Calming Peppermint – Mental Clarity
Chamomile – Calming Orange – Uplifting
Grapefruit – Energizing Rosemary – Clears the mind
Lemon – Energizing Eucalyptus – Respiratory Health
Basil – Clears the mind Vetiver – Relaxing
Frankincense – Healing Bergamot – Emotional Balance

We love Young Living Essential Oils in our home, but there are many wonderful brands out there. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can pick one up for pretty cheap on Amazon! To use any of the above oils in your homeschool, simply add 4-6 drops to your diffuser with the amount of water recommended.

Essential Oil Blends for Your Homeschool

Here are some great blends you can try once you want to branch out a bit! Use 1-2 drops (your preference) of each in your diffuser:

Calming Blend:  Vetiver – Lavender – Cedarwood – Frankincense
Headache Helper: Lavender – Peppermint – Rosemary – Eucalyptus
Good Morning Mix: Orange – Peppermint – Lemon – Lime
Destress Blend: Orange – Chamomile – Lavender – Peppermint
Immunity Booster: Lemon – Rosemary – Clove


Aside from organizers, curriculum, and well-planned agendas, we have found that a really good help for our homeschooling environment also includes the frequent use of essential oils. Drops of Joy Jewelry and Homeschool Style Co. are excited to team up for a giveaway for a special Homeschool Mom, aka, I-Need-Some-Relief-as-Superwoman-Lady. If that’s you – or if you know one of these moms – enter below to win a Homeschool Style Co. shirt of your choice and a Drops of Joy Jewelry aromatherapy diffuser necklace! Having a comfy new homeschool shirt to throw on and a diffuser necklace with a calming oil blend can lighten the load just a tad on those rough days. Why not at least smell good and look good in the mix of it?!

Enter to win the raffle here!!

Here is also a printable of some good blends for your home diffuser or diffuser jewelry during the homeschooling days and moods. Pin the following image for a quick blend reference!

Homeschooling Blends Printable

May your every day be filled with joy and laughter,


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