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April 06, 2016

Have you ever been out and about and needed to use an essential oil (or share it with a friend), only to realize that you don't have your carrier oil with you?  Or maybe you are new to essential oils and hear the term "carrier oil" thrown around and are wondering what exactly this is, why are there so many choices (which should I use?), and HOW do I use a carrier oil?  Carrier Stick is a product that brings a solution, and just like diffuser jewelry, we have found that this item is an answer to using your essential oils on the go, safely and effectively.

So, what exactly is a carrier oil?  It differs from an essential oil in that it is a fatty oil like coconut and olive oil. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils (even one drop of an essential oil is very strong!) and also help them absorb into the body and last longer. 

Although a carrier oil is a necessity for anyone using essential oils, the process of choosing one and transferring it to something portable can be quite a pain!  Sometimes, the inconvenience may cause someone to use oils without a carrier, which is not a great idea.  When I first began using essential oils, I didn't have any extra materials or bottles to transfer my carrier oil to something I could easily use.  All I had was a big bottle of EVOO in my kitchen cabinet!  

So, I purchased some fractionated coconut oil with a pump, which WAS easier to put into little portable bottles, until the plastic bottle started leaking (and I ended up with a mess and wasted a lot of oil).  It seemed like I was always running out of carrier oil in my little dropper bottles, and I started getting lazy when it came to refilling them.  Unfortunately, that meant I often did not have a carrier oil with me when I needed to use an essential oil.

Enter Carrier Stick!  

When I heard about this product online, I knew I had to try it out.  Carrier Stick seemed like a brilliant solution to the carrier oil dilemma.  Made from 100% natural carrier oils, butters, and beeswax, this stick is great to throw in your purse to use when needed.   

What do we love the most about Carrier Stick?

  • Carrier stick is not a big bottle of carrier oil that has to sit on a shelf - this is completely portable and easy to use.  No messy liquid to wash off your hands!
  • Great price - the mini is only $8.95, and it will last for quite a while!
  • You don't have to refill this with messy liquid, or worry about it leaking in your purse.
  • This product is ideal for beginners new to essential oils!  It takes the guesswork out of which carrier oil to choose.
  • The ingredients are 100% natural, and help the essential oils absorb into your skin.

    What are the ingredients?

    Beeswax (Cera Alba)
    Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
    Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)
    Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis)
    Vitamin E (Tocotrienol)

    How do you use Carrier Stick?

    All you need to do is swipe the carrier stick wherever you want to use your essential oil (the tube is like a large tube of chapstick).  Then, put a drop of your oil on the same spot and rub it in.  Easy!

    I personally estimate that one swipe (back and forth) would be equivalent to about 2-3 drops of a liquid carrier oil, although this specific recommendation is not given on the Carrier Stick website. 

    Gift idea:  If you are an independent essential oil distributor, give your new team members or customers a small gift pack of a Carrier Stick, a piece of diffuser jewelry from Drops of Joy Jewelry, and a small sample of your favorite two oils to use topically and aromatically.  Take the guesswork out of essential oils and help them fall in love with the product!

    Want to win a Carrier Stick?  

    We are hosting a giveaway this week and giving away one Original Carrier Stick and on Mini!  See details below to enter - good luck!


    Carrier Stick Giveaway


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