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8 Essential Oils that Enhance Yoga & Meditation

November 09, 2016

Today's post is written by Danielle Greenwood, yoga instructor and creator of Manifesting Dreams Mala Beads.  Danielle loves yoga for the wonderful sense of calm and balance it brings to her life, and brings us insight on how aromatherapy can benefit your practice, and which essential oils you should begin to incorporate into your yoga or meditation routine.

Essential Oils and Yoga

Yoga and meditation are great for the body, mind, and spirit.  They can help us to connect more deeply with the world around and within us. Yoga & meditation have been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. But sometimes, life’s distractions can make a meditation practice challenging. Lots of practice and some essential oils may be helpful in establishing that routine.

Fragrances have been an important part of rituals and meditations for a long time in every culture around the world. In our fast-paced, distracted society, we can use all the help we can get to bring awareness to the present moment and remember to breathe and be still at times.

To use essential oils in yoga and meditation, you have several options: You can place some oils on yourself (try the third eye). You can create a mist and spray the fragrance in the air, or you can use a cold-air diffuser. You might also wear a piece of jewelry (mala beads or essential oil diffuser jewelry) during meditation.  You may find a combination of methods work well for you.

If you are just beginning to incorporate essential oils into your practice, or already do so, try out one of these 8 essential oils in your yoga or meditation session.

  • Frankincense
  • Sandalwood
  • Sweet Orange
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Vetiver
  • Neroli
  • Rose

  1. Frankincense - This oil is believed to help you increase your faith and connection with spirit as you meditate.
  2. Sweet Orange - This oil may help to keep you alert and focused. Citrus oils are very uplifting and energizing!
  3. Sandalwood -This oil is very grounding helpful in healing, particularly emotional/spiritual wounds. It opens the heart and helps to trust.
  4. Sage - Burning sage is a common ceremonial practice in many cultures. It cleanses and purifies, removing negative energies. It is grounding and restores both balance and energy.
  5. Lavender - Such a calming oil that will help to get you relax and focus inward during your yoga and meditation practice.
  6. Vetiver -  Vetiver is grounding and can be especially beneficial if you have a tendency to allow your awareness to wander through the mind.
  7. Neroli -  The fragrance of Neroli can help with self-acceptance and can also inspire creativity
  8. Rose - The fragrance of love-opens the heart to receive love, particularly self-love.

Which essential oils do you already use in your practice and which of the above would you like to try?  Make sure to check out the link above to connect with Danielle on her Facebook page for Manifesting Dreams, and find the "OM" diffuser necklace pictured above at Drops of Joy Jewelry.

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