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November 03, 2015

When we began Drops of Joy Jewelry, I had a love for personalized items, ESPECIALLY things that had my kids’ names or pictures on them.  That’s what initially fueled our fire – we wanted to create beautiful, essential oil jewelry that was customized, personalized, and helped bring positive reminders to our customers to live their best life and choose joy in their everyday situations.  Today, we still love adding names, motivational phrases, dates, and bible verses to our pieces to give that added uniqueness to your essential oil jewelry.

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

But…what if you don’t use essential oils?  What if you see a beautiful piece of our jewelry that would be PERFECT for yourself or someone you love, but you don’t/can’t/won’t use essential oils – can this jewelry still have value for you?

Absolutely!!  Locket jewelry used to be worn often to hold pictures or other small keepsakes, and although it is increasing in popularity in the essential oil world, you can still use it in this sense.  Adding a picture adds sentimental value and makes a great gift!

So, how do I fit the picture into the locket?

This can sometimes be hard to do, but I’m showing the simple steps that I have used to cut my pictures to the exact size needed for whatever locket size I have.  On our website, our essential oil lockets come in various shapes and sizes, so if you are purchasing one for this purpose, make sure to note the size before buying!  You will want one of the larger lockets that might work well with a wallet-sized photo, or you can opt for a smaller one if you are able to print a photo to the correct size you will need.

Drops of Joy Jewelry is beautiful, even without essential oils!

Step 1: Choose your necklace and picture
Essential Oil Diffuser Locket I chose the Vintage Beaded Toggle necklace because I absolutely love the style of this one, and a wallet-sized black and white school picture of my daughter for this post.  Plus, the size of the locket worked out very well for what the size of the picture I already had.


 Step 2: Cut out a Template

I chose to use a piece of white tissue paper for my template (you’ll see why in a minute!).  Open up your locket, and lay the tissue paper inside.  There should be a bit of an indentation inside; use a pencil to lightly (so you won’t rip the paper!) trace right around that inner rim.  Make sure you don’t push down to the bottom because that will distort the shape a little bit.  Once you have your template traced, cut it out and make sure it fits!

Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

Step 3: Cut out your photo!

Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

This is why I like using tissue paper – I can see exactly where I am placing the template on top of my picture!  No guessing…everything is lined up just as I need it to be.  When I first did this, I used one of the leather Diffuser Dots that comes with the jewelry, but I could not get it to fit on the picture exactly how I wanted it to.  This turned out much better!

Once you have the template placed, carefully trace around the outside (probably will have to use a pen), remove the template, and cut out your picture.


Step 4: Place the picture in your locket, and enjoy for yourself or give as a unique, thoughtful gift!

Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

You may choose to put a small piece of tape or dot of photo safe glue on the back to hold the photo in place.  Voila!

Who do you know that would love something like this??  You can be creative and use pictures of kids, pets, or even a piece of paper with special handwriting on it (a signature, poem, special word).  Everyone loves a thoughtful gift!

Whether you are purchasing your locket jewelry for these purposes or to use for aromatherapy with essential oils, please check out our products – we are sure you will find something you love, and if not, we will customize it for you!  Finally, stay up to date on our new products, essential oil information, sales & specials, and giveaways by signing up for our newsletter below!

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