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Diffuser Bracelets for Men

November 09, 2016

Does the man in your life benefit from the aroma of essential oils?  Do you love wearing your essential oil diffuser jewelry and wish there was an essential oil bracelet for men that he could also wear?  Our team at Drops of Joy Jewelry has designed a more unisex diffuser bracelet that he will love and enjoy throughout the day (and you can enjoy one for yourself, too!).


We have created two different designs of this bracelet in it's initial launch, and you can get it it two different colors.  View our Cross Leather Bracelet and our Signature Leather Bracelet to read about them and decide which one will work best for you and your style!


Better yet, this bracelet is great to pair with a homemade cologne recipe and give as a gift this Father's Day, birthday, or other holiday.  Instead of giving cologne that contains synthetic fragrances, you can easily make your own for a special touch.  Try the recipe suggestion below, or here is a great post on DIY natural cologne using essential oils from the Hippy Homemaker.


Mix the cologne in either a spray bottle, or if you plan to use it with diffuser jewelry, mix it in a small dropper bottle.  To use, just add a drop or two to the inserts that come with your bracelet.

Here are a couple of other recipes you might like to try this Father's Day if you are looking to give a natural gift!  These graphics are courtesy of the Dream Droppers - click the image below to check them out, and make sure to follow them on social media for even more great recipes and essential oil tips and tricks!



Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dad's out there!  We are looking forward to helping the dad in your life wear his essential oils with style with these unique essential oil diffuser bracelets.

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