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How Do I Find the Best Essential Oils?

March 28, 2018

Essential oils have grown in popularity exponentially over the past few years. While this has been great for those who have a lot of experience and are already set with their oils, it can also be a nightmare for those who are looking to start out. A lot of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon at the cost of customer satisfaction, product quality, and sometimes even health and safety standards. So how do you pick the best essential oils? Here are four quick tips you may not already know about choosing the best!

Consider Your Needs

You can buy the most expensive, luxurious essential oils in the world and still be left wishing you'd gone with something else. Some oils and concentrations are just better for some things than others. If you want to put an essential oil into cleaning products, a couple of drops of super concentrated oils would be fine. But you probably wouldn't want to use the same on your skin or even a humidifier. Most oils come concentrated, so if you want to dilute them, you will need to get carrier oils as well.

Research the Provider

Make sure you do your research before you buy. Some businesses claim to have natural oils or certain concentrates, but when your oil arrives, you find that it's not at all what you expected. Check out how the business ranks on the Better Business Bureau, what sort of reviews are out about them, and if they have a professional website or not. Typically a website will have helpful tips and how-to guides, as well.

Check the Ingredients.

You'll want to pay close attention to this part. Look at what natural ingredients are included in each blend. Also, keep in mind that typically the more pure, the fewer ingredients. Be sure to pay close attention to instructions as some dilution may be required for personal use. A legitimate company should make it easy to figure out what the ingredients are, where they came from, and how the oil was created.

Read the Reviews

Believe it or not, reading reviews really does matter. Whether you're a newbie or you've been using essential oils for a while, the reviews and comments on a product can really help you better understand the quality that you can expect. While it's easy to just skim based on 5- or 1-star ratings, set the reviews to "most helpful" to see what other buyers have agreed with the most.

Once you establish a good relationship with a provider who you can trust and a brand that you can rely on, your hunt for the best gets a lot simpler. You can always stick with them, or even research what alternative brands other people recommend when your favorite is out or impossible to find.


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