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Perfect Pairing: Guide to Gifting Diffuser Jewelry + Essential Oils this Season!

November 14, 2016

Essential Oils make great gifts to anyone on your shopping list who cares about health and wellness, natural living, or creating a safer household environment in general.  Want to make your gift of an essential oil even more special?  Pair it with a unique piece of diffuser jewelry from Drops of Joy Jewelry that not only complements the oil, but the gift receiver's style.

Not sure which essential oil (or piece of jewelry) to choose?  We've teamed up with Kristen from The Essential Family Blog to share with us her picks for essential oils to gift this season along with a beautiful aromatherapy necklace or bracelet.

Kristen has been an essential oil enthusiast and researcher for about 5 years and is currently living in Wyoming with her two kiddos, studying to become a certified aromatherapist.  Kristen's essential oil blog is one to follow, as she loves to dig into the tough questions people ask about essential oils, and find the REAL answers (no sugar-coating here!).  In fact, right now you can grab her free report called "Are Essential Oils Safe?" by clicking here.  Great resource to read and share with friends & team members!

Here are her picks, along with some great additional uses for the selected essential oils.  Head to the bottom of this post for FREE printable gift tags to use when giving your oily gift this season!

essential oil diffuser jewelry gifts



ESSENTIAL OIL DROP DIFFUSER NECKLACE -- Great gift for the essential oil distributor friend, or if YOU'RE the distributor, grab this for your teammates and new recruits!

Pair it with: Grapefruit Essential Oil.  This has a light, joyful, and positive aroma that complements the clean, playful design of the droplet inspired diffuser locket.

Grapefruit is very refreshing & can provide a natural pick-me-up throughout the day.  Who couldn't use some of this in their life?



SIGNATURE LEATHER DIFFUSER BRACELET -- Give it to the man in your life who loves essential oils, and...

Pair it with: Blue Spruce.  The crisp, woodsy aroma of this oil echoes the sleek modern lines of the Signature Leather Diffuser Bracelet

Blue Spruce is also great to aid in easing muscle tension, increasing energy, and supporting the respiratory system.



KEEP CALM DIFFUSER BRACELET -- Great gift for your best friends or co-workers.

Pair it with: Lavender.  What better essential oil to keep calm and carry on than Lavender? Lavender is a classical favorite with a relaxing aroma that is the perfect pair with the symbolic strength of the natural lava stone, amazonite, aquamarine, ocean jasper, and tiger eye.

You can add this oil to bath salts for a relaxing soak, or if you experience allergies, this may become your new best friend.  You can't go wrong with this swiss-army-knife of essential oils!



STAINLESS STEEL KID'S HEART DIFFUSER NECKLACE -- Beautiful option for your little girl who loves jewelry and loves experiencing mom's essential oils!

Pair it with: Orange.  The joyful aroma of orange essential oil (a favorite with kids and parents alike) is the perfect pairing with the joyful heart shaped design of this diffuser necklace.

 Orange is a great essential oil to use for purifying the air, and might aid in turning a cranky mood around after a long day.



CUSTOM ENGRAVED LEATHER DIFFUSER BRACELET -- Great customizable gift for anyone on your list!  You choose what word, phrase or verse that is engraved on this piece.

Pair it with: Bergamot.  This is one of our favorites!  It has a clean, crisp aroma, with an unexpected green undertone, bergamot pairs well with the understated strength and confidence of the custom engraved leather diffuser bracelet

Diffuser bergamot when stress levels are high, as it is often used for it's calming benefits as well.



CAR DIFFUSER -- Great for the friend who's car needs a refresh, or one that needs to get rid of the toxic air fresheners in their car.

Pair it with: Peppermint.  The fresh, wakeful aroma of peppermint is the perfect travel companion.  Peppermint may help increase alertness and concentration, so banish sleepiness, stinkiness, and queasiness with peppermint in your car diffuser.  (See also our post on 7 Blends to Use with Your Car Diffuser...includes a free printable to go with your gift!).


If you decide to gift essential oils this holiday but still aren't sure where to start, contact Kristen at the Essential Family and she'll help you find what you need and help you decide which essential oil might be right for you or the person you're buying for!  Finally, print off the gift tags below and cut them out to attach to your gift of essential oils & diffuser jewelry.  Print them front-to-back on cardstock and make sure to include your own suggested uses for the oil on the back, along with any other suggested blends for your recipient!

(Bonus - there's a $5 off coupon code attached to use at Drops of Joy Jewelry!)

Essential Oil Gift Tag Printable:

essential oil gift tags


For best results, select "fit to page" before printing, and you'll have a nice border around the edges you can trim. Punch a hole in the upper left corner & secure with a ribbon to your gift, or tape it to a package.

We know you will create a truly meaningful gift this season when you give one of the perfect pairs listed above!

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