Diffuser Bracelet - Deep Calming Lava Stone - Blue

Deep Calming Essential Oil Lava Stone Bracelet
Designed by Drops of Joy Jewelry

Keep calm...and use essential oils! This bracelet was designed with semi-precious stones that, along with your favorite calming oils, may help encourage serenity during your day.

Natural lava stones are created during volcanic eruptions. They are very porous and therefore a great way to diffuse your essential oils! Lava stones are symbolic of protection, strength and fertility and promote stability during changing times.

Amazonite is a soothing stone that has been said to balance mood swings and help overcome fears. Ocean Jasper brings a spirit of peace and is a stone of strength and renewal. Finally, Tiger's Eye may help release fear and anxiety, and aids in discernment and understanding in making important descisions.

Product Details
• Lava Stone Elastic Diffusing Bracelet (moderate stretch), 8mm
• Other Bracelet Stones: Amazonite, Ocean Jasper, Tigers Eye 8mm
• Size: Available in two sizes – Small (6.5-7”) and M/L (7.5”)

Use & Care

  1. Place 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil on the porous lava stones.
  2. Enjoy the topical and aromatic benefits for 1-2 days.
  3. Add more essential oil at any time. Please make sure to dilute essential oils as necessary when they come into contact with your skin.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Calm diffuser bracelet

Bought this for my daughter for Mother’s Day and I love the look of this bracelet! I have 2 other diffuser bracelets that I use often and love.

Love it!

This was the 2nd order that I placed. I had so many compliments on my first bracelet and I wanted to expand my collection and give a couple as gifts. Excellent quality, fast delivery, and I can smell the oils for days!


Keep Calm Diffuser Bracelet

Cillin' the Kid

Excited to give this bracelet to a young adult daughter that gets stressed over much of life. It looks great and has the color versatility to accent much of her wardrobe with class. She will soak it in some Young Living oils and chill.

Very Well Made

This is very well made and it keeps the smell of the essential oils for a few days. The stones are beautiful and it fits perfectly. It has even helped me with my anxiety in public (I use lavender essential oil to help me calm down when I get too anxious). I would definitely recommend it.

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