Can I wear this jewelry without using essential oils?

Absolutely!  Many pieces of our jewelry utilize lockets, which have long been used for sentimental purposes.  They're great for including a picture or a tiny keepsake that you want to keep close to heart.  (We even did a blog post on this topic that you can read here).

We offer multiple customized pieces that you can have hand-stamped with a word or phrase, special name & birthstone, bible verse, etc.  In fact, we can create customized jewelry for you WITHOUT any of the lockets or lava stones.  So if you would like a completely unique piece of jewelry (for yourself or as a gift!) please contact us - we are always happy to help!

Our lava stone & semi-precious stone jewelry is beautiful without applying essential oils to the beads as well.  Wear them alone, or start a collection and stack them together.

However, if you don't know much about essential oils, here's a brief introduction that give you a glimpse into what benefits that may come with proper use.

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