Car Diffuser - Butterfly

Feeling road-ragey?  Stressed from the hustle & bustle of the day?  Drop a calming-blend in your new car diffuser clip!  It's like diffuser jewelry for your car - special vents in the back of this piece allow the scent of the oils to be easily diffused into the air.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Clips easily to the air vent in your car
  • 30mm stainless steel locket
  • Strong Magnetic Closure
  • Beautiful Butterfly design
  • Enjoy aromatherapy benefits as you drive

Each Car Diffuser comes with three of our large organic, non-toxic cotton inserts to safely diffuse your essential oils.    

Need ideas on what or how to diffuse in your car?  Check out and Pin our blog post on 7 Blends to Diffuse in Your Car.  (Includes a printable card with suggested diffuser blends - great for gifting!)

*Please use caution in touching your Car Diffuser after using the heater in your car, as the stainless steel may be hot to touch.

$2 from each item sold is donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Classy & Convenient

This car diffuser is so easy to use. It is sturdy & classy. Having oils diffusing in the car is great support dealing with city traffic.

Great for the Car

I bought this before I made a long trip. I put peppermint oil on the diffuser and clipped it onto the vent. It was great to help with the long drive. I am excited to use for a variety of oil support.

Improve your commute

Driving to and from work every day in Tampa Bay traffic is stressful but it doesn't have to be anymore with my pretty car diffuser. I just add a couple of drops of Acceptance and of Surrender and turn on some relaxing tunes and the commute is easier to deal with. The diffuser doesn't have any hooks to break my vent and it simply slides in and out of place. The butterfly is pretty and it doesn't look like all the other car diffusers that I've seen. So very highly recommend this (and all the other) car diffusers. Try something to keep the kids calm in the backseat or to overcome motion sickness. This handy diffuser does it all.