Lava Stone & Amazonite Diffusing Bracelet

Women’s Essential Oil Lava Stone Bracelet
Designed by Drops of Joy Jewelry

Natural lava stones are created during volcanic eruptions. They are very porous and therefore a great way to diffuse your essential oils! Lava stones are symbolic of protection, strength and fertility and promote stability during changing times.

This diffuser bracelet also features the semi-precious stone Amazonite, which symbolizes truth, harmony, and peace. Please note that the color does vary on this natural stone; while it will be similar to the color picture, there might be slight variations in the bracelet you receive.

Product Details

• Lava Stone Elastic Diffusing Bracelet (moderate stretch), 8mm
• Other Bracelet Stones: Amazonite 8mm
• Size: Available in two sizes – Small (6.5-7”) and M/L (7.5”)

Use & Care

  1. Place 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil on the porous lava stones.
  2. Enjoy the topical and aromatic benefits for 1-2 days.
  3. Add more essential oil at any time. Please make sure to dilute essential oils as necessary when they come into contact with your skin.

$2 donation will be made to St. Jude Children's Hospital for each bracelet purchased.


Customer Reviews

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I recently bought this lava stone (size 6.5) as a birthday gift for my petite 11 year old daughter. She loves it! Her girlfriend from school bought her a pink lava stone bracelet so she could layer them. They look eye catching together and smell divine. Great quality and diffuses effectively.

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